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How to sleep less, but right?

I’ll attempt to stick to a particular narrative structure to produce it simple to absorb each of the facts.

1. COMMON THEORY ABOUT A SLEEP (also known as misconceptions about sleep)
2. MY DAY SCHEDULE (I have applied all sorts of articles, brochures as well as a single really serious book so as to make it).
3. STRUGGLE WITH INSOMNIA (a prevalent result in of lack of sleep), and what it is possible to and cannot do just before a bedtime.
I recommend beginning together with the second part, plus the 1st may be left in the finish, if you really feel the rest intriguing.


Possibly, you’ve heard that an adult needs 8 hours to sleep, and children 10. Forget it. This really is not true. In the event you meet an individual that sleeps twice much less, he isn’t a zombie and not a superman. He just has the appropriate schedule in his life.
The stages of sleep.
Sleep commonly happens in following stages:

  • The first a single is usually a light sleep, for example, if you sit in front of the monitor or inside the lecture room, and when you woke up, it has currently been five minutes.
  • The second stage, about 50 percent of one’s time sleeping is spent within this stage. During this stage, eye movement stops and your brain waves (a measure on the activity level of the brain) grow to be slower. There will also be short bursts of rapid brain activity known as sleep spindles.
  • The third stage can be a deep sleep that is certainly one of the most critical portion of sleep. It relaxes the brain and body, in the course of this stage may be the most intensive resource recovery of the physique. The heartbeat slows, a body temperature drops. Brain activity is virtually absent.
  • The fourth stage is REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep is the sleep stage in which dreaming occurs. Once you enter into REM sleep, your breathing becomes rapidly, irregular and shallow. Your eyes will move rapidly and your muscles turn into immobile. Heart rate and blood pressure increase. About 95% percent of sleep is REM sleep for adults.

This is a cycle of four stages that occurs throughout sleep a few instances, the longer it lasts the greater becomes a proportion from the fourth and also the very first two stages, and also the faster is the stage of deep sleep, even though within the initially cycle the deep sleep lasts longer.
Thus, the conclusion is easy: the additional deep sleep lasts, along with the deeper it’s (namely, the much less is usually a brain activity, the lower is the body temperature and slower are each of the processes within the physique, the far better it really is for the deep sleep).
Oh, the cycle begins from REM sleep…

It really is not all you need to understand within this element. Initial, I wish to draw your attention towards the influence of physique temperature on your activity and drowsiness. The dependence is uncomplicated: the greater is temperature (obviously, inside reasonable limits) the higher is your activity. If you believe that an individual keeps the temperature of 36.6 inside per day, you are wrong. It is incredibly unsteady; at times the amplitude makes about two degrees! (Let us say, from 36 to 38 degrees). Here comes the conclusion. The day temperature should be high to have an excellent operating physique, at night it must be low, to ensure that the brain could enjoy longer the deep sleep stage.

Finally, here is actually a quite critical point — melatonin. Have you heard about this hormone? It can be in the epiphysis along with the retina. There is certainly a short description of its influence on our topic: the additional it exudes, the more we would like to sleep. Normally, it exudes when our eyes are within a lack of light (sometimes, it can be known as the vampire hormone). The bright light destroys that.

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Time Management For Managers. Part 1 – Objectives and planning
Time Management For Managers. Part 2 Determine work load
Time Manamenent For Managers. Part 3 – Setting Goals
Time Manamenent For Managers. Part 4 – Prioritizing
Time Management For Managers. Part 5 – Scheduling

Creating a schedule is highly important part of effective time management. Simple techniques described below will bee very useful component in managing your time at work.

Calendar Technique

It is recommended to use such kind of calendar which allows you to see the whole week, but not only one day, divided into time blocks. It is easier to work having such calendar, because it lets you see the overall picture, therefore it substantially simplifies the process of planning. Calendar shows you the deadlines coming and helps to determine tasks which are already pressing.

To get better results mark on your personal calendar the most important events, deadlines coming, meetings, also reserve some time every day for working on the blue chip objective.

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Time Management For Managers. Prioritizing

Time Management For Managers. Part 1 – Objectives and planning.
Time Management For Managers. Part 2 – Determine work load
Time Manamenent For Managers. Part 3 – Setting Goals

Part IV. Prioritizing

First of all let’s try to understand what word prioritizing means. Write down a list of projects or simple tasks to be completed and then rank them according to their importance, so the most important item will appear to be the first one in your list. It means you will start doing second priority task only when more important one is completed. This is how prioritizing process looks like.

It is easy to understand how priorities work if you associate them with poker chips. As a rule in poker three mail colors of chips are used. Blue chips are the most important for a player, because each blue chip worth a lot of money. If one looses the blue chip it definitely means failure for him, oppositely achieving an additional blue chip is a great success.

Red chips are not as important as blue, but still it is not recommended to ignore them. One need to pay high attention on red chips, but the first priority is always given to the blue ones. If one looses or gains an additional red chip it means neither failure, nor success, but when player operates with big amount of red chips, their loss or obtaining has much bigger importance.

There are also white chips. Their importance is not even close to red or blue chips. Failure to obtain white chips will not worry the player, sometimes one even sacrifices white chip to get more important red or blue one.

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Time Management For Managers. Setting Goals

Time Management For Managers. Part 1
Time Management For Managers. Part 2

Part3. Setting goals

Planning is closely connected with setting particular goals and defining objectives. When one talks about objectives, the task to be completed, the result is usually meant. Setting goals helps us to create certain direction to follow, not to be kept by waves in ocean of business, but to swim by ourselves. More over, goals are needed for effective time management. If the task you try to complete doesn’t contribute to your long-term objectives, then you are just wasting your time.

Objective Setting and Performance Appraisal Review system identify a range of objectives and goals you have. As a rule one has so many goals and all are so great and broad, that it is physically impossible to achieve all of them at the same time. In this case long term goals should be divided into smaller – intermediate goals, the latter to be broken into one week objectives, which can be achieved in seven days period. As a result, you will get a goal for each single day, so step by step, making your daily tasks done you are getting closer and closer to your main objective.

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Time management and multitasking

Have you ever tried multitasking? Multitasking means doing several things all at once, so theoretically it allows you to complete more tasks during the short period of time. This is not easy activity, it probably made you very tired after all, but have you paid attention how many of your task you managed to finish?

People around might see you as very busy and hardworking person, you were trying to combine different activities, writing report and talking by phone at the same time, or for example keeping conversation with your friend and writing mobile message. But at the end of the day can you say, that you have done all the things you planned to do, and are you sure you got the best possible results?

Well, of course, there are a lot of things that you can do at the same time easily, such as doing sport exercises and listening to music, or reading a newspaper and eating or drinking something. These simple things are also an example of multitasking, but they are so easy to do, because one doesn’t need to concentrate on both tasks. It is needed to focus only on one activity and second comes so natural, that you don’t even think about it. But in the first examples given in article, the person has to focus on both things: writing report and talking by phone, so the attention is divided. It means it is impossible to do your best if you are trying to focus on more then one activity. In this case doing more and more things brings less and less result.

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